How Saicaf coffee is made

Raw materials

“Good coffee” is not just the one you smell, you see, you taste, but it is the result of continuous choices; the right blend, roasting methods, until the most important choice, in the beginning of everything. A choice that marks the road of this journey: the plant and ground where it is grown. We chose to travel to touch the places where our coffee comes alive, so that we can lead it in every passage, from the seed to the cup.

The species from which coffee blends are made are Arabica and Robusta; blends are made of different proportions and types, according to coffee’s destination and its format (moka pot, espresso machine, pods and capsules).

The blend is an harmonisation written on a secret score, to create the Symphony of Coffee.



Coffea Arabica beans are slightly oval. Taste can be defined as “docile”, thanks to the natural level of sugars and a moderate amount of caffeine.

Central and South America:


Costa Rica





Beans of this species are roundish. Coffee made with Robusta is full-bodied and has a strong taste, mostly because of a higher level of caffeine than other species (up to three times more than arabica, for instance).

Africa and Asia:

Ivory Coast




How we produce

We choose the perfect blend also according to how coffee is going to be used (moka pot, espresso machine, pods and capsules). And every kind of processing begins with a careful selection of origins in their homelands. Every single blend, made from study and research, contains a “main ingredient”, that is a particular variety chosen to give the blend its personality.